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Is Success The Enemy?

We all want to be successful. What success looks like is, naturally, very different to everyone. To some it will be starting a family and living within their means, for others it will be creating a multi-billion dollar company. Whatever…

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Creating an Entrepreneurial City

For those of you that don’t know, I originate from the Cathedral city of Peterborough in the East of England. Peterborough’s history is as a cathedral town, with a lot of the cities industry linked to the rail routes that…

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End of Guesswork Launch

I’m delighted to launch my latest book, ‘The End of Guesswork: The Role of Data in Modern Marketing’ today. The book is now available worldwide on Amazon, and atĀ other popular book retailers. The End of Guesswork has beenĀ inspired by my…

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The #1 Reason Your Content Marketing is Failing

In my latest article for Business2Community, I’ve argued that the number 1 reason that brands are failing at content marketing is that they’re not using data. This is leading to companies not tracking their efforts properly (and therefore not truly…

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Twitter Analytics for Audience Insight

In my latest article on Social Media Today, I’ve gone into how you can use Twitter’s analytics dashboard to glean extra audience insight that can help you to create better campaigns across all channels. Twitter has built in persona data,…

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