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Do your marketing efforts rely on your best guesses? Would you rather be a data-led marketer, working from hard facts and with a clear strategy?

Learn how to improve your marketing, get ahead of your competitors, and enhance your career with this whistle stop tour of the modern marketing landscape, where data and marketing go hand-in-hand.

In this book I use my unique insight into the role of data in modern marketing to give you the information you need to make a real difference in your business. Drawing on my experience in law enforcement, publishing, startups, and working with hundreds of clients in digital agencies, I show you the pitfalls and the quick wins in becoming a data led marketer.

What Others Have Said

“Ben knows how to turn data into profit – to systematically troubleshoot performance across all channels. Read this book!” DENNIS YU, BLITZMETRICS

“Using data to optimize your marketing efforts and prove value is absolutely essential – and this book is a perfect way to get started.” CLARE MCDERMOTT, CHIEF CONTENT OFFICER MAGAZINE